Grain Driers

With over 70 years of experience, Perry of Oakley Ltd. are the UK's most experienced manufacturer of materials drying and handling equipment. Our grain driers have been tested and proven on a variety of crops, and in different climates all over the world.

Continuous Mixed Flow GRAIN Driers

Ideally suited to granular and free-flowing products such as grain, maize, rape, pulses & cereals. Perry now offers two ranges of continuous flow grain driers, the Savannah & the Mistral. The Mistral has been designed as an entry-level, economy grain drier for farms looking to dry up to 30tph of combinable cereals. The Savannah is a more industrial grain drier designed for use on both farms & commercial grain stores. 

Belt GRAIN Drier

Best suited to products with poor flow-ability or products that require a lower throughput capacity, such as woodchip/biomass, digestate, grass, refuse & seeds.