The miniPelleter is a semi-industrial pellet mill designed for efficient production of high-quality biomass pellets, animal feeds and other raw materials or mixtures of materials.

Key Points

  • Quality European manufacturer.
  • Plug in & go style operation.
  • Continued support & after care.
  • miniPelleter is put on the rigid frame with reinforcement plates for a solid gear.
  • 15kW & 18.5kW motor options.
  • Industrial geared motor.

Performance for biomass: 150-300kg/h
Performance for feed: 150-600kg/h


  • Softwood: 250-280 kg/h 
  • Hardwood: 150-200 kg/h
  • Straw, hay, etc: 180-200 kg/h 
  • Poultry feed: 400-600 kg/h 
  • Pig feed: 250-350 kg/h
  • Cattle feed: 150-200 kg/h
  • Fish feed: 350-550 kg/h 


  • Power: 18.5 kW
  • Weight: 585 kg
  • Industrial geared motor


  • The outer diameter: 380mm
  • Maximum thickness: 180mm
  • Maximum diameter of holes: 15-20mm

It’s a compact and clever construction. A huge galvanized tank finished with a reinforced flat bar. Raw material speed dosing control. Bulky clamps for fast disassembly of the body. Strong and comfortable handles along with a big and tight inspection door on the galvanized two-part boy. 

Power supply cabinet on the left. Legible and big control buttons and load read-out. With a handy storeroom on the right

  • Easy to use.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Full equipment at a basic price.
  • Spare parts available in a couple of days by airmail. 
  • Fast return on investment.
  • Easy integration with existing pelleting lines.
  • Long life heavy duty design.