Osgodby Grange to become Commercial Driers

19th October 2019

Doug Dear from Osgodby Grange in Selby, Yorkshire completed a full refurbishment of his mixed arable and livestock farm’s handling & drying equipment. Each year Mr. Dear farms 350 hectares of wheat, barley, maize and oil seed rape and produce about 2,000 tonnes of their own crop but also offer a contract drying and storage service. They currently do approximately 700 tonnes of contract drying and storage, with an additional 400 – 500 tonnes of drying wheat but this is a side of the business they are looking to develop.

Previously, Mr Dear operated a 10tph Allmet drier and accompanying handling equipment. When the drier could no longer keep up with demand Mr. Dear contacted Russell Thompson from Thompson’s Engineering Ltd. to help him with the process of upgrading his plant to be more modern, more efficient and capable of doing more.

Mr. Dear chose to use Thompson’s Engineering as they have worked together in the past and Mr. Dear found them to be a very professional operation with excellent build quality.

Thompson’s Engineering Ltd. recommended Perry to Mr Dear for both the handling equipment and the grain drier upgrade. Perry are the UK’s most experienced manufacturer of materials handling, drying & storage equipment. With over 70 years of experience and accolades, such as SHAPA’s “Exporter of the Year” 2017 award winner and being listed as one of the top 100 UK SME’s, Perry were confident they could provide Mr Dear with a suitable solution.

The old drier was replaced by a Perry drier. The drier is rated for 25tph, but in real terms Mr. Dear has found the drier averages around 35tph. Accompanying the drier now is Perry’s agricultural specification handling equipment. This includes a mechanical intake pit, a holding bin, belt & bucket elevators, an aspirator pre-cleaner, cross conveyors & three out-loading conveyors.

Perry are currently offering a 10 year anti-perforation guarantee on all of their agricultural specification store conveyors. (T’s & C’s apply).

Mr Dear and Thompson’s Engineering spent a lot of time working out the new site on paper, as a result of this Mr Dear feels that there is no way you can clog the drier up or route the grain around the wrong path. If someone does make a mistake, the worst case scenario is that the grain is returned to pit.

The whole system is controlled with Perry’s 12” touch screen PLC control panel which is designed and programmed in Perry’s Devon-based factory by their experienced engineers. The simplicity of the system means that Mr Dear plans to leave the drier running on its own with the confidence that very little can go wrong with his system.

Mr Dear was kind enough to provide Perry a full interview to review his equipment, watch the full video attached to this page.
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