Perry can supply a full range of milling equipment suitable for use in flaking mills, feed mills, flour mills & many other industries. This equipment is complimented by our full range of handling and drying equipment that is well proven in the milling industry.

Flat Bottom Silos

Round Hopper Bottom Silos

Square Hopper Bottom Bin

PLC Plant Control Panel

Advanced Grain Cleaning

Dampening and Tempering

Flaking, Roller and Hammer Mills

Sweep Augers

Belt and Bucket Elevator

Aspirators, Separators & Destoners

Dampening & Tempering

U-Trough & Tublar Screw Conveyors

Colour Sorting

Magnet, Surge Hopper & Steam Chest

Grain Cleaning

Graders and Separators

Aspirator Pre-Cleaners

Manufacturing Equipment That Lasts

Perry of Oakley Ltd are the UK’s most experienced manufacturer of materials handling, drying & storage equipment. Perry machines are now operating in more than 25 countries across 4 continents. 

Some of the key industries we have worked with include; agriculture (farms & commercial grain stores), feed mills, flour mills, flaking mills, waste & recycling (SRF/RDF), pelleting plants, aggregates and biomass (woodchip, shavings & sawdust).

Our product range includes; continuous mixed flow driers, belt driers, moisture sensor systems, chain & flight conveyors, belt conveyors, belt & bucket elevators, screw conveyors & augers, aspirator pre-cleaners, twin trace conveyors, grain samplers and bins/silos.

Our services include; plant layout and design, manufacturing, sub-contracting, installation & commissioning and a comprehensive after-sales service package.

The AC150 has worked out to have many uses to us. It was initially put in to improve low bushel weight milling wheat, but since installation we have found that it will clean beans to near seed quality, it will improve bushel weight on all cereals and will also clean out bugs without the need for sprays and as an added bonus there’s no screens to change so no changeover time need between crops. We are very happy with the system and would recommend it.

John Collins

Canington Grain