With over 70 years of experience, Perry of Oakley Ltd. are the UK’s most experienced manufacturer of materials drying and handling equipment. Perry have worked within a wide variety of industries and the majority of machines can be modified to be ideally suited to handling a range of products.


Perry have been providing drying, handling & storage solutions for farms for over 70 years


Perry’s industrial machines can be supplied materials within the aggregate industries.

Waste & Recycling

Perry have experience in the waste handling and recycling sector.


Perry can supply a full range of milling equipment suitable for use in flaking mills.


Perry supply customers with suitable solutions for the brewing industry.


Perry’s handling & drying equipment has been used in several digestate processing plants.


By working closely with trusted suppliers, Perry can ensure the supply of full pelleting lines.

Paper Pulp Processing

Perry can design, manufacture and install a full paper pulp processing plant.  


Perry have designed a range of industry-leading, drying & storing equipment, tailored to the biomass industries.

Animal Feed

Perry design, manufacture and install a wide range of Animal Feed handling and drying equipment.

Grass Processing

Perry has supplied grass processing plants globally, for animal feed to human consumption.

Commercial Grain Stores

Perry have been providing drying, handling & storage solutions for over 70 year

Concept Grain Systems and Perry guided us through the processes of updating our machinery; the level of expertise within the company has helped us no end. The Perry machines they recommended we installed have worked really well, and as a result, we had a very successful first year.

Tom Catton

Catton Farms