Perry has a team of specialist servicing and installation technicians who can assist dealers in installations, carry out full installation & commissioning or provide supervised installation to help reduce costs.

Perry’s experienced technicians have installed plants ranging from small farms, to commercial specification stores, through to pelleting lines & waste handling lines, they can also help with one off machines if required.

The technicians travel globally and are only a flight away should any further help be required.

We are really happy with the new augers. It’s a lot cleaner and they have helped minimise the risk of fire. The turn-around time & installation time was really good, we were surprised to find a company that could meet such tight deadlines. We did find the augers collected the heat a little bit, but that has been easily resolved with slots cut into the lids of the augers. Overall we are really happy with the new system and would recommend both Perry & Game Engineering Ltd.

Bill Livermore

Dengie Crops Ltd.’s