When correctly positioned and functioning, the Perry Fire Detection System can help provide early warning of a fire, helping to reduce potential damage to your drier. It’s used for detecting fire within a grain drier drying column. 

Belt Drier Fire Detection and Suppression 

With over 40 years of successful operation, Fire Shield Systems offer a holistic approach to fire protection encompassing design, installation, maintenance and training. The Fire Shield fire protection solution combines the best of proven, type tested 3rd party witnessed fire suppression technology with cutting-edge fire detection.  

Our fire protection solution is tailor-made to suit your process from design to installation and maintenance incorporating various detection mediums and interfaces with real-time monitoring, alarm outputs and process interlocks. 

Here’s the detail  

The system uses a Digital Linear Heat Detection Cable clamped to the grain column to detect excessive heat.  

The Digital Linear Heat Detection Cable (LHDC) is a twisted pair twin core cable. The cable is clamped to the zone outlet panels in the exhaust plenum. When the trigger temperature of the LHDC is reached the heat-reactive polymer causes the cores to connect and a Fire alarm is registered. 

The Digital Linear Heat Detection Cables are wired to LDM-519-DDL monitor units. When a fire alarm occurs, the LDM-519-DDL monitor unit automatically determines the distance to the point of operation and displays this by means of the LCD. 

The fire alarm triggers a drier remote emergency stop. The drier stops all functions. The drier fans are stopped to prevent airflow from fanning a fire within the drier. 

The LDM-519-DDL monitor also monitors the linear heat detection cable for faults. If a cable fault is detected, a drier remote shutdown is triggered, causing the drier to stop drying, run the fans for 30 minutes to cool the drier and then stop. 

Is it worth the investment? 

As mentioned, the Perry patented heat sensitive cable positioning system is designed to detect the early stages of a potential drier fire, thereby increasing the chances of preventing a more serious incident. By using this system, a fire can be detected early on, allowing for prompt action to be taken.  

The system operates efficiently and effectively, with the alarm being raised quickly enough for the situation to be dealt with. The cable has a precise melting point, which prevents false alarms. The wire resistance changes upon melting, enabling the position of the problem to be pinpointed without any difficulty. Additionally, the cable is strategically positioned to protect the areas of a drier where a fire is most likely to start. 

When the cable melts, an audible and visible alarm can be triggered, or the drier can be automatically shut down to prevent the fire from growing by restricting the air from the fans. Moreover, the cable can be retrofitted to any make of drier, and one cable can safeguard an entire drier. 

Why Perry’s? 

Our Perry machines are built to last, and our records go back well into the 1960s so if a machine needs a replacement part, we know exactly what it is and we can get it manufactured and out to you quickly. We’re so confident in the longevity of our machines that our agricultural range of handling (up to 60tph) comes with a 10-year guarantee (terms and conditions apply). 

At Perry of Oakley, we’re a family business with 70+ years of experience. We know how important it is to keep production up and running. We’re extremely proud of our team and the reputation we’ve grown and nurtured. If you need equipment, advice, or just a discussion about our machines, contact us today.