Whether you’re looking to purchase a new silo, or key parts such as sweep augers, catwalks, or you’re looking to install a new grain monitoring system, we’re here to help. All Perry of Oakley products are designed and manufactured to meet your specific customer needs, and our silos are no different.  

We’ve gathered all the key information here to help make your silo search easier. No matter which you pick, each of our silos comes with a selection of optional extras which helps ensure the silos are tailored to each application; complete aeration systems, temperature control systems, unloading equipment, walkways and catwalks, and towers and structures. We really can provide it all!   

Of course, you may want some guidance about the best option for your needs, so please feel free to get in touch with our experts for advice. 


Flat bottom and hopper bottom silos 

We have an extensive range of flat bottom silos and hopper bottom silos that are manufactured with state-of-the-art equipment and can be  designed to meet either ANSI or Eurocode standards, depending on the destination country. They come in galvanised finish as standard, with stainless, mild steel, and painted as options, because we understand the importance of flexibility for different scenarios. You can order bespoke silos available to suit your individual applications, so get in touch if you can’t see what you need on the website. 


Flat bottom silos 

The flat bottom silos have a modular design and are manufactured using high-grade S350 and S450 steel giving superior strength-to-weight characteristics protected by galvanising to Z600 standard ensuring a long service life.  

Key features of our flat bottom silos: 

  • They have capacities from 30 to 20,000 tonnes based on wheat at 750kg/ m³. 
  • They range from 3m diameter (30 tonnes storage) to 32m diameter (20,000 tonnes storage), with custom diameters available to suit existing bases when replacing an end-of-life silo. 
  • They’re designed for high cyclic loading (high usage of product in and out at high tonnage rates). 
  • They’re built with a 30-degree pitched roof that provides integrity while maintaining low overall heights for conveyors & elevators and is greater than the natural angle of repose for stored materials. 
  • A unique single-piece roof sheet design is used on silos up to 16m diameter – simplifying installation and enhancing performance. 
  • Our silos with smooth-wall construction are the perfect solution for poor-flowing products, such as meals and woodchips. 
  • All flat bottom silos include a cylinder access door and roof inspection hatch as standard and additional single or double ringdoors can be installed. 


Hopper bottom silos  

Our hopper bottom silos and flat bottom silos are supplied in a flat pack for bolted construction on-site. Outlet sizes are 300mm, 400mm or 600mm depending on the application. The bin slide options are manual, motorised, and electro-pneumatic to suit your needs.  

Here are the key features of our hopper bottom silos: 

  • Hopper bottom silos have capacities from 35 to 3,000 tonnes based on wheat at 750kg/m³. 
  • 45 and 60 degree hoppers are available. 
  • Diameters are from 3m to 13m, with custom diameters available to suit existing bases if you’re replacing an end-of-life silo. 
  • Special silos available to suit your specific applications. 


Square Hopper Bottom Bins 

Round silos not what you need? No problem! Our galvanised square hopper bottom bins have a modular design that easily allows them to be extended at a later date to increase the capacity of the bins as storage demand increases. Not only that, but they’re supplied in a flat pack for bolted construction on-site – easy and efficient for your convenience.  

The Perry range of Tote bins are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use (with the addition of a lid), for bins up to 1.2m wide. Forklift channels can be added to allow the bins to become mobile, making them ideal for filling mobile driers.  The Perry self-assembly square bins range from 1.2m to 4m and a splash back with bump bar is also available as an option. 

Here are the key features of our Square hopper bottom bins: 

  • Square hopper bottom bin capacities from 1 to 100 tonnes based on wheat at 750kg/m³. 
  • Bin sizes range from 1.2m to 4m – and a variety of heights are available. 
  • 45 and 60-degree hoppers are available. 
  • Various lid options include dust covers, weatherproof lids, and tarpaulins. 
  • Galvanised, stainless, mild steel, and painted options are available. 
  • Mobile drier compatible square bins. 
  • Forklift channels available on bins up to 2.9m x 2.9m squarem³. 
  • Bin slides – manual, motorised & electro pneumatic. 
  • Bump bars on dump loaded bins to minimise damage from forklifts. 

Need more? 

In addition to our standard silo range, we can also supply: 

  • Complete aeration systems (fans, perforated floors, etc.) 
  • Temperature control systems (portable or with computers). 
  • Unloading equipment (sweep augers and discharge augers). 
  • Walkways and catwalks – the catwalk system is modular to be able to adapt to all types of conveyor loads and to any design of the plant. Standard catwalk widths range between 1m and 3.6m, including a 1.1m double handrail. Custom sizes are available on request, so please get in touch if you have specific needs. 
  • Towers and structures (supporting columns, work towers, structures for loading silos of trucks / trains). 


The standard catwalk feature has widths ranging from 1.0 to 3.6 metres. These consist of a double handrail with a vertical height of 1.1 m and a half-height safety rail supported every 1.5 metres by vertical handrail posts, and a kickboard. The catwalk’s standard full width floor is constructed from galvanised grating sheets of 30 x 30 mm. 

A pre-punched floor and part flooring can also be provided. The catwalk’s construction is made of galvanised profiled beams. The design includes three beams to accommodate heavier conveyor loads. This also lowers the chance of deck sag. To help avoid trip risks, the decking is installed directly on top of the beams using dome-headed bolts. 



You can choose from flush floor (lateral) systems or full floor aeration systems for flat bottom silos and in-cone aeration systems for hopper silos. For safe storage of grain, we use airflows of 5 to 10m³/hr/ton depending on the product stored and storage duration. 

Each system is custom designed to ensure air distributes evenly while reducing the air velocity. The flush floor system uses 530mm wide perforated laterals, and the number per linear metre changes in accordance with the grain loads imposed. 

We know that different products and silo heights result in different static pressures. The site elevation is a key factor in selecting the correct fan, as height above sea level increases, the air density decreases affecting the fan airflow. We use state-of-art software to calculate the static pressure and ensure the fan selected meets both variables. We also offer complete in-silo drying systems, roof fans, and associated equipment for your convenience.  


Silo Auger Discharge System  

Our made-to-order Silo Auger Discharge System is purposefully designed to unload round flat bottom silos quickly and efficiently. With capacities available from 40tph to 240tph as standard, the Silo Auger Discharge System is ideally suited for commercial grain stores and smaller farms. 

It allows for maximum emptying efficiency as it’s designed with one main inlet in the centre of the silo then multiple intermediate inlets spread from the centre of the silo out towards the edge of the base. Each inlet has individual rack and pinion control, allowing for full and individual control. 

This purpose-built system allows you to empty your silo quickly, easily and safely, in turn saving you both time and money. 

Here are the key features of our Silo Auger Discharge System: 

  • 200, 250, and 300mm diameter agricultural and industrial specification available. 
  • 40tph to 240tph as standard other capacities priced on application. 
  • 3mm or 5mm thick casing tube. 
  • Gear unit or V belt drive options are available. 
  • Individual rack and pinion control of inlet slides. 
  • Two layers of bitumastic paint make them suitable for casting in concrete. 
  • An external section in hot dip galvanised finish. 
  • Continuously welded flights in 2m long sections for easy removal. 
  • Blockage probe at the discharge end. 
  • Conduit for sweep auger power cable, support legs and lifting lugs all welded in position. 
  • Inlet designed for sweep auger anchor plate, flush with silo base. 
  • Stainless steel slides and operating rods to aid long-term reliability.

Agricultural Sweep Augers 

The agricultural sweep augers are designed to completely empty the bottom of flat silos that store cereals, seed, or pulses.  

They’re manufactured with a modular construction from sheet metal which encloses an appropriately sized steel screw. The standard intermediate lengths of 1500mm, 2000mm, and 3000mm are available, but other lengths can be manufactured upon request. 

The main components are:

  • Drive end with gear motor 
  • Discharge hopper 
  • Slip ring  
  • Helical Screw 
  • Screw support casing 
  • Tail end with oscillating feet or wheel advancement. 

Sweep augers rotate around the centre point of the silo. The augers allow for the product to be completely emptied from the silo to save you time, and stock!  

Commercial Sweep Augers 

We supply ODS industrial specification sweep augers which are the ideal solution for the removal of the grain once the silos are fully discharged by gravity.  

The standard capacities range from 35m³ up to 800m³ and are designed to handle a wide range of products. Centre support frames are available in a range of sizes allowing for gravity discharging up to 2,000m³/hr.  

Motors can either be in-silo gearmotor drive units or in-tunnel motors using V belt drives. 

The range of sweep augers can be installed in silos from 6 meters up to 42 meters in diameter. It’s a reliable, fixable way to discharge silos, for small-scale systems to quayside installations. The range includes reclaimers for silos holding difficult-to-discharge products such as meals and woodchips. 

As standard, these sweep augers are able to handle: 

  • Cereals (wheat, maize, barley) 
  • Oleaginous (soya seeds, sunflower seeds, rapeseed) 
  • Paddy 
  • Nuts 
  • Wood pellets 
  • Plastic pellets 
  • Soya meal 
  • Wheat bran 
  • Meat meal 
  • Saw dust 
  • Sludge 
  • Coal 
  • Plastic waste 
  • Sliced ice 
  • Fly ash   

Monitoring Stored Grain 

We supply the iGrain range of products.  These include a handheld reader system and advanced system monitoring grain moisture, temperature and CO production in silos and floor stores. Its mission is to preserve and optimise crop value and to prevent spoilage and fungus. 

The iGrain Hand-held Reader is an efficient tool to display the data collected from the temperature cables. 

The  COgrain sniffer is one of the most advanced methods for effectively identifying an issue with stored grain. The capacity to detect a possible problem within a silo rapidly helps the operator to act more swiftly, decreasing the risk of spoilage. 

The Dashboard grain management system automates fan system control and grain care. When a set of pre-defined criteria are satisfied, the automated aeration control will activate the fans. This allows the fans to be run more efficiently, ensuring grain quality and lowering operational costs. 

iGRAIN systems can be tailored to suit the needs of small-scale farmers as well as large-scale industrial storages of grain, beans, cocoa, and coffee as well as flour, feed and oil mills.  

The core iGRAIN products monitor: 

  • CO2 for the most efficient infestation detection 
  • Moisture level 
  • Temperature


At Perry of Oakley, we’re a family business with 70+ years of experience. We know how important it is to keep production up and running so if there’s a problem, call us and we’ll sort it. Contact us today to discuss silos or anything else you need help with.