The Grain Sentry Moisture Control system is used by farmers and grain  stores that need to store large quantities of grain for extended periods. It helps to ensure that the grain is stored under optimal conditions, maintaining its quality and value. 

As a team with many years of experience in the farming industry, we understand how important it is to get the most out of your crops. As you’re very aware, one factor that can greatly affect the value of your harvest is the moisture content of the grain. 

Why is moisture control important? 

Getting the moisture content of your dried crop correct will maximise your profit on the harvest by decreasing mould and infestations and the fuel consumption of your drier, while optimising the dried weight of your crop.  

What is the Grain Sentry Moisture Control system? 

We offer the Grain Sentry Moisture Control system to ensure you get the most for your money. Our system is designed to precisely measure and control the moisture levels of your crops while being dried, ensuring that they are in the ideal range for maximum value. Plus, it will save you significant man-hours of manual testing. 

It’s a sophisticated system that uses advanced sensors and software to provide accurate and reliable moisture readings, helping you to maintain the quality of your grain and minimise spoilage. 

Our Grain Sentry Moisture Control system is easy to use and can be integrated into your existing setup. Once installed, it monitors the moisture levels of your crops and automatically adjusts the temperature to maintain the perfect moisture level.  

How does it work?  

The Perry automatic system uses pneumatic conveying to take a grain sample from the drier filling and discharge equipment. This sample is analysed using the very latest Near Infrared technology to ascertain the moisture content, which provides industry-standard accuracy for the moisture measurement for every sample.  

Our software, written by expert Perry engineers, uses the information in a series of calculations to determine the correct change needed to the drier speed to maintain the best possible output moisture content of the grain. 

Key points: 

  • The Grain Sentry controls not only drier speed, but also drier temperature.  
  • The Grain Sentry automatically measures moisture going into and coming out of the drier, and significantly reduces the man-hours required to manually sample several times an hour. 
  • The Grain Sentry is suitable for most combinable crops without recalibration.  
  • Sampling intervals can be adjusted.  
  • The entire process can be monitored remotely, and all information can be data logged.  
  • Every time a batch of grain passes through the drier and the system monitors the output changes the algorithm is adjusted automatically and improves its performance. 
  • Accurate moisture control saves fuel. 

At Perry of Oakley, we’re committed to providing our customers with the best possible solutions for their farming needs. Our Grain Sentry Moisture Control system is one of the many ways we can help you maximise your profits and minimise your risks. 

If you are interested in learning more about our Grain Sentry Moisture Control system, please contact us today.