Separators, Destoners & Other Cleaning Equipment


A separating machine is used to separate different size grains. There are two sieves inside the machine, both with different size holes, which move horizontally back and forth. The first sieve takes out the biggest grains, letting the rest fall through. The second sieve has slightly smaller holes, taking out the medium size grain, leaving you with small grain in the bottom section.


Destoners are used after the grain goes through the separator – grain is separated from stones and other light dust and chaff. Air is sucked up through the machine, via a fan in the top, taking out light impurities. The grain and stone that is left vibrates along an angled sieve. The heavier stones are lifted up and out along the sieve, good grain travels down the sieve.

Other Cleaning Equipment

Other cleaning equipment is available including:

  • Reciprocating cleaners with capacities from 50 to 150tph for specialised applications.
  • Gravity tables with capacities from 2 to 9tph.
  • Indented cylinders.
  • Seed treaters
  • Z type elevators for gentle handling of the seed

Using the combination of our UK designed and manufactured handling equipment and our established European partners Perry can design a complete seed cleaning plant for your applications.