Commercial Sweep Augers

Perry can supply a range of industrial/commercial sweep augers (also known as Industrial grain reclaimers & FIFO unloaders), that are ideally suited to large farms and commercial grain stores. The sweep augers are designed to completely empty the bottom of flat silos or warehouses that store cereals, seed or pulses. 

Perry are suppliers of ODS industrial specification sweep augers which are the ideal solution for the removal of the grain once the silos are fully discharged by gravity. The range is comprised of four models, XS, M, FT & Twin. 

Standard capacities range from 35m³ up to 800m³ and are designed to handle a wide range of products. Centre support frames are available in a range of sizes allowing for gravity discharging up to 2,000m³/hr. 

The range of sweep augers can be installed in silos from 6 meters up to 42 meters in diameter. A reliable, fixable way to discharge silos, for small scale systems to quay side installations.

The range includes reclaimers for silos holding difficult to discharge products such as meals and woodchips.

As standard, these sweep augers are able to handle:

  • Cereals (wheat, maize, barley)

  • Oleaginous (soya seeds, sunflower seeds, rapeseed)

  • Paddy

  • Nuts

  • Wood pellets

  • Plastic pellets

  • Soya meal

  • Wheat bran
  • Meat meal
  • Saw dust
  • Sludge
  • Coal
  • Plastic waste
  • Sliced ice
  • Fly ash


Industrial Sweep Auger Models


These modular sweep augers have been designed to be quick and easy to install on site. The heavy duty build prevents bends appearing at the front of the product pile, giving you a more even discharge, in turn reducing the stress and pressure on your silo & sweep auger. 

The beams have been designed to be exceptionally rigid and heavy duty, and the wheels are perfectly balanced. This helps ensure product longevity. 


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