Agricultural Chain & Flight Conveyors

All Perry chain and flight conveyors are capable of handling a variety of granular products from grains, to sawdust, to feed pellets. The agricultural conveyors are capable of handling grains, peas and beans as standard, but with a few simple modifications can be tailored to handle other products such as seeds or minerals.

The agricultural range of conveyors are capable of capacities of up to 60tph based on wheat at 750kg/m³, suitable for up to 10,000 tonnes per annum and are manufactured from durable, heavy duty galvanised steel. The heavy duty range is capable of capacities of up to 120tph based on up to 30,000 tonnes per annum. The life expectancy is exceptional, aided by precision roller chain fitted with deep faced flights as standard, meaning no metal to metal contact. An increased machine life span means better a value product.

Key Points

  • Heavy duty specification. 3mm thick base and 2mm thick sides (thicker options available).
  • Reliable 90 degree direct drive gear unit as standard.
  • V belt drive to shaft mounted gearbox as an option.
  • Durable galvanised steel construction.
  • Steel plate chain with breaking strains of up to 34.3kN.
  • Dimple style joints for high mechanical strength and good alignment of sections.
  • Three piece trough construction allows base to be thicker than the sides providing a longer life.
  • Deep flights mean most conveyors are suitable for inclined applications.
  • These conveyors are supplied as standard in modular lengths with loose inlets and outlets to allow faster delivery.
  • Incline, conveyors can be used at angles from up to 90 degrees.
  • With the use of a cable span brace any conveyor can span 12m unsupported.
  • Pneumatic or motorised outlet options.
  • Brush gear available to reduce carry over.
  • Cleaning flights available for seed handling applications.
  • Cup flights available to handle carry over when end outlets have slides fitted.

10 Year Guarantee against trough perforation

Perry have over 70 years experience in manufacturing grain & bulk handling and drying equipment, and are confident in the quality of products that all Perry agricultural conveyors (up to and including 60tph) now have a 10 year guarantee against trough perforation.* This 10 year guarantee means your investment is guaranteed to last; you can install Perry machinery knowing you’ve made the right choice.

Product longevity is always at the fore-front of Perry design process and as a result of careful design, meticulous attention to detail and an ongoing research & development program Perry have successfully installed tens of thousands of machines, with many early machines still being used today.

We have specialist, nationwide teams of pre and post installation engineers to ensure you get the system that suits your needs and the support to use your new machinery confidently and effectively.

*T’s & C’s apply

Heavy Duty Agricultural Range, up to 120TPH

Perry also manufacture a heavy duty agricultural range of chain and flight conveyors, which have been purposefully designed when higher capacities are required. These chain and flight conveyors are capable of capacities of up to 120tph based on wheat at 750kg/m³ and suitable for up to 30,000 tonnes per annum.

The heavy duty range has a steel plate chain with breaking strains up to 70.6kN, rather than the standard breaking strains of up to 34.3kN. They are ideally suited to small grain stores or large farms. As with the standard agricultural chain and flight conveyors, these conveyors are suitable for conveying most free flowing or partially free flowing materials and are available as horizontal / flow & return, inclined or curve combination configurations.

Industrial Chain and Flight Conveyors, 120TPH+

The Perry industrial range is capable of capacities exceeding 1000tph and is suitable for full commercial use. Each conveyor is manufactured to individual requirements and can be constructed in stainless steel, galvanised steel and mild steel powder coat paint.

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