Levelling and Travelling Conveyors

Manufactured to the same quality as the Perry range of agricultural and industrial specification chain & flight conveyors.

Installation of a levelling or travelling conveyor gives optimum use of available storage volume by providing the ability to level fill a store without surcharge loading. Best suited for ventilation, or on floor drying, as the grain is not compacted by pushing it up with a loader and the airflow is even, due to the level fill.

A levelling or travelling conveyor will maximise grain store capacity whilst minimising the labour required. They are suspended on carriages and beams at each end of a grain store and are manually pushed or winched along the length of a building. Systems can be fully automated.

Levelling Conveyors

  • These conveyors have an open bottom to allow grain to fill the building starting at one end and building up to the base of the conveyor.
  • Fill a grain store with a completely level uncompact layer of grain ideal for under floor ventilation and drying.
  • Remove the need for a loader and grain pusher to fill the store to its optimum.

Travelling Conveyors

  • These conveyors do not have a fully open bottom. They have individual outlets instead to fill bins or bunkers, in a particular building when there is little headroom.
  • They can also be used to fill floor stores with peaked fill when surcharging storage.
Which Type of Grain Drier Should I Buy?

Which Type of Grain Drier Should I Buy?

With over 70 years of experience, Perry of Oakley Ltd. are the UK’s most experienced manufacturer of materials drying and handling equipment. Our driers are relied on to manage a variety of crops, and in different climates all over the world.

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