Twin Trace

Perry twin trace conveyors are specifically designed to handle products of low bulk densities and those that require gentle handling at low chain speeds, with each machine tailored to individual customer’s requirement.

The all bolted construction options include stainless steel, galvanised steel & mild steel powder coat painted. As standard they are available in four widths, including 250mm, 400mm, 600mm & 1000mm, other options are available on request.

Key Points

  • Curved and inclined machines are available.
  • Completely opening outlet with no chain supports means very little carry over.
  • Heavy duty construction with 5mm thick bases, 3mm sides and covers. Fitted with 5mm thick wear strips for the roller chain to run on and 3mm wear strips to reduce maintenance costs
  • All joints formed by heavy duty welded plates ensuring good surface alignment.
  • The flights bolt through the hollow pins in the chain making replacement easy.
  • Chain runs in channels at side of the conveyor to minimise product contact and damage.
  • Flush fitting intermediate outlet slides and curved tail end radius plates to minimise product residue.
  • Drive configurations to suit every customer’s needs.
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Which Type of Grain Drier Should I Buy?

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