Magnet, Surge Hopper & Steam Chest

Before product gets flaked and dried it will go through a magnet separator, surge hopper and then onto a steam chest. A magnet separator (bullet magnet) is designed to take out small metals mixed in with the product, notably tramp iron (bailing wire, nails etc.) which will contaminate the product.

Once the product has been through the magnet it will arrive at the surge hopper. The surge hopper sits on top of the steam chest and is designed to collect the product – at an unbalanced rate – and drop through to the steam chest at the rate required.

Before the product gets flaked/rolled it will go into a steam chest. This injects steam into the product which ensures it is at a correct and constant temperature & moisture level to get dried and cooled.

Key Points

  • Innovative round design pioneered by Gearn Inc.
  • Size varies per production rate 5 levels of steam control.
  • Built in grain level control.
  • Electronic read out temperature system.
  • Measures temperature at 3 levels.
  • Optimum plug flow characteristics.
  • Easy access to control valves.
  • Fully insulated.
  • Weather proof and fully sealed.
  • Stainless steel.
  • Steam vent system also available.


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Which Type of Grain Drier Should I Buy?

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