Fire Detection 

When correctly positioned and functioning, the Perry Fire Detection System can help provide early warning of a fire, helping to reduce potential damage to the drier. It is for use to detect fire within a grain drier drying column.

The Perry Fire Detection system is covered by patent application number GB1816756.9.

Using the Perry patented heat sensitive cable positioning system the early stages of a potential drier fire can be detected.

The system helps detect a fire at the early stages, meaning there is a better chance
of action being taken to prevent a more serious drier fire.

The alarm can be raised quick enough for the situation to be dealt with. By having a precise melting point, the cable prevents false alarms.

Due to changes in the wire resistance, once melted the position of the problem can be pinpointed without trouble.

The cable is positioned to protect the areas of a drier where a fire is most likely to start.

When the cable melts there can be an audible and visible alarm, or the drier can be automatically shutdown to prevent air
from the fans and causing the fire to grow.

Key Points

  • Can be retrofitted to any make of drier.
  • One cable can protect a whole drier