The Grain Sentry

Automatic Grain Moisture Monitoring System

The Perry automatic drier moisture monitoring system uses pneumatic conveying to take a grain sample from the drier filling and discharge equipment.

This sample is analysed using the very latest Near Infrared technology to ascertain the moisture content, which provides industry standard accuracy for the moisture measurement for every sample.

Our software, written by Perry engineers, uses the information in a series of calculations to determine the correct change needed to the drier speed to maintain the best possible output grain moisture content.

Key Points

  • The Grain Sentry controls not only drier speed, but also drier temperature.
  • The Grain Sentry measures moisture going into and coming out of the drier.
  • The Grain Sentry is suitable for most combinable crops without recalibration.
  • Accurate moisture control saves fuel

Key points

  • Sampling intervals can be adjusted.
  • The whole process can be monitored remotely and all information can be datalogged.
  • Every time a batch of grain passes through the drier and the system monitors the output changes the algorithm is adjusted automatically and improves its performance.