Gantry Mounted Grain Sampler

The Perry range of gantry mounted grain samplers covers two main models: Cobra & Phaeton .

COBRA is the best sampler for smoothness, precision, safety and speed, with the additional benefit of full trailer length coverage. COBRA features the same technical, mechanical and electronic specifications as the HERON 4000. Its design using a carriage travelling along a gantry rail allows total coverage of long vehicles, and meets the highest international standards.
Perry can offer solutions spanning longer effective travel distances (30m and more) to cover even the longest vehicle trains. Surplus material recirculation back into the trailer (or another location of choice). All grain samplers can be fitted with this option, which saves time and minimises handling requirements.

COBRA PREMIUM offers a raised, custom made support structure, allowing free passage of high vehicles under the rail. Along with an alternative limp home mode, meaning the sampler can operate the up/down and swivel drives even if the VFD fails. Fixing or replacing the inverter is no longer a problem and there is no down time.

Key Points

  • Swinging up/down drive gearmotor controlled through a variable frequency drive (VFD) for torque boost and integrated dumper bottom detection.
  • Vacuum intake with grain to air ration adjustment. VFD controlled swivel drive gear motor.
  • 3kW (380V) vacuum turbine at the foot of the sampler for conveying distances up to 60m; or at the sample receiver end for greater distances.
  • Electric enclosure on the sampler pillar.
  • Cycloburo-type sample receiver station with 10 litres sample retainer and with an air-pulse cleaned filter sleeve for integral recovery of all particles.
  • Compact wired push button control box as standard, large control panel option.
  • Sample intake through monotube probe (direct vacuum intake) or twin-walled probe (core sampling style).
  • In-line sampler arms have tubes and hoses in line with the arm to prevent interference with structural parts of the vehicle.
  • 380 Volts 3kW vacuum turbine with flow inverter. Standard mounted at the foot of the pillar. Easy access; robust construction


Arm (Length) 2545mm

Rail (thickness) 8mm

Turret (diameter) 406x (6mm thick)

Up / down drive motor 1.1kW


Arm (Length) 2545mm

Rail (thickness) 6mm

Turret (diameter) 324x (4mm thick)

Up / down drive motor 0.75kW

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