Reception & Analysis

Perry offer a variety of reception and analysis equipment to compliment the range of grain sampler equipment.


MOUSTICK is simple, unobtrusive and functional. It fits anywhere in a grain handling installation, on flat surfaces as on curved walls (tubes). MOUSTICK comes in gravity chute mode or with vacuum intake. It can be installed horizontally (vacuum intake only) or inclined up to 45°.

MOUSTICK is a sampler for many uses:

  • Inspection before shipment.
  • Inspection after drying.
  • Inspection during unloading.
  • Inspection after cleaning.

In a network installation MOUSTICK is ideal for checking the quality of the product at every stage of the transformation process or handling operation. Thanks to its multifunctional adjustable timer, MOUSTICK will sample the quantity desired by the operator, at the frequency that is specified.


ISO EN NF 24333 states that only samplers sweeping through the full cross section of a stream are fit to provide true samplers from a free falling flow of grain. LYNX is a cross stream cereals sampler which does not rely on gravity to convey the sample material. The elimination of a gravity-driven sample transfer allows a substantial reduction of the space requirement of the sampler, especially its height. LYNX is available in different sizes, allowing it to be installed on many circuits with different flow rates


Automatic System for Reception and Analysis

S.A.R.A. is a fully automated system for the reception and redistribution of the incoming grain sample. It helps in controlling the process of quality management from the sample intake right down to the possible data transfer from the analysing devices to the IT system.

Cut down testing time and increase the accuracy of results.

S.A.R.A. adapts to different needs and premises.

Principle of operation (example):

  • Sample arrival in the cyclone receiver attached to a mobile (rotating or translating) distributor carriage.
  • Automatic determination of the required grain level.
  • Homogenisation by a blending auger.
  • Distribution over the desired processing stations, such as:
    • Grain cleaner.
    • Analysing appliances.
    • Sample collecting container.
    • Bagging machine.
    • Surplus material recirculation hopper.
  • Can be designed to process raw grain as well as cleaned grain.

Speed up analysis and increase the accuracy of measurements.

  • Fully automated sample distribution.
  • No human intervention.
  • Adaptable to any type and any make of analyser.
  • Unlimited number of devices can be accommodated.
  • Analysis on raw grain and/or cleaned grain.
  • Meets highest specifications
  • Optional software allows data and information exchange among the analysers and server.
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