Here at Perry’s, we’re the only UK company that manufactures a full range of both bulk materials handling and drying machinery. The handling equipment is capable of capacities from 8tph (agricultural specification) to 1200tph (industrial specification) and includes elevators, chain and flight conveyors, augers/screw conveyors, aspirator pre-cleaners, and much more.  

We’ve worked with lots of different people and businesses, but the thing we treasure most is building trust with our customers, and being more than just a machinery supplier.  


Your trusted partner for over 70 years 

Perry Engineering has been supporting the British Farming industry since 1947 when our founder Tom Perry, the son of a farmer, used to drive from farm-to-farm fixing machinery.  

Perrys is a third-generation family-run business, and currently, a brother and sister duo (Tom’s grandchildren), David and Claire, lead the company. 

Tom Perry was a classic engineer. He tinkered with everything! That tinkering meant he designed and built the first Perry conveyors and elevators in the early 1950s, followed by his first continuous-flow grain drier in 1954. It’s been in our blood ever since! 


We’re always working to develop and improve products for you 

In the last 12 months, we’ve developed two products to assist in the safe and efficient use of grain driers; the fire detection system and the moisture control system. The fire detection system can be retrofitted to any make of drier, providing vital early warnings of fire, and helping you reduce the damage to the drier and surrounding plant.  

The system can be stand-alone or integrated into your control panel. After extensive testing, we now offer a moisture control system. Using proven moisture measuring technology and a unique sampling system to ensure accurate moisture readings the system can reliably control the output from the drier. This system is compatible with any PLC-controlled Perry drier and can also be adapted to control other makes of drier. 

We also developed a new range of modular augers with capacities ranging from 20tph to 125tph, to be supplied from stock making them an ideal quick solution. 

This is just a few ways that we constantly work and improve on the machinery that we know is essential to our customers and their vital work. 


Guarantee on machinery 

Our Perry machines are built to last, and our records go back well into the 1960s so if a machine needs a replacement part, we know exactly what it is and we can get it manufactured and out to you quickly. We’re so confident in the longevity of our machines that our agricultural range of handling (up to 60tph) comes with a 10-year guarantee (terms and conditions apply). 


Fast turnaround times 

We’re constantly expanding our warehousing facility at the factory in Devon so we can manufacture and store more spares and stock, enabling us to respond even quicker during peak times when our customers need us the most. We know how important it is to keep things up and running and strive to help as quickly as possible. That’s why most of our customers have our personal mobile numbers! 


Machinery designed and manufactured in house 

All of Perry’s machinery ranges are designed in-house by the very experienced Perry Design Team. The team have significant experience in designing drying, handling, and storage facilities for a full range of bulk materials. 

The extensive range of continuous flow driers, chain and flight conveyors, aspirator pre-cleaners, belt and bucket elevators, belt conveyors, U-trough and tubular screw conveyors, and now also storage bins, means the Perry team will be able to find the right combination of machines to meet your needs and budgets as it’s made in house. 


Speed, efficiency, and customer service 

At the centre of our approach to running the company is our commitment to our customers. One of the many things Perrys is known for is its excellent customer service and we have worked hard to make it this way. Let’s face it, when something goes wrong you want someone to answer the phone, listen to you, and then sort out a solution – and that’s what we do here at Perrys.  

We have a 7-person technical support team, with 130 years of combined experience in the trade between them, who are on hand to help with your support queries when problems occur. The phone line is looked after during the evenings and weekends during harvest when you need us most. For our customers with remotely accessible PLC panels, our team can tap into the system to help diagnose the problem and get you back up and running quickly.  


The awards we’ve won 

Our first award was winning SHAPA exporter in both 2017 and 2021, which we’re very proud of. More recently, the depth of experience in the Perry’s Design Team was recently recognised by the Global 100 when Perrys were awarded their “Best Designer of Bulk Materials Handling, Drying, and Storage of the Year – UK 2022”.  

We’re extremely proud of our team and the reputation we’ve grown and nurtured. If you need equipment, advice, or just a chat about our machines, contact us today.