Save Up To 35% of Your Drier Operating Costs*

To maximise your Grain Drier operating cost savings we strongly recommend these 3 key products are fitted to your drier

Hot Air Recirculation

The operating cost savings come from the reduction in the amount of fuel the drier consumes to heat the air to dry the grain.

Depending on the drier size, 25% to 30% of the warmest air in the drier is moved by the recirculation fan along transfer ducts to an additional plenum and mixed with the freshly heated ambient air.

This Hot Air Recirculation can save you up to 24% of your grain drier fuel costs.

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Grain Drier Moisture Monitoring System

The Perry Automatic Drier Moisture Monitoring System, The Grain Sentry, controls not only drier speed, but also drier temperature.

This is achieved by measuring the grain moisture going into, and, coming out of the drier, using one of the most accurate Near Infra Red moisture meters available on the market, which does not require calibration.

This prevents the quite large losses associated with over drying grain such as, loss in weight, extra fuel use, labour and electricity. This means big savings and peace of mind can be achieved. 

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Grain Drier PLC Panel

The touch screen panel comes with over 70 alarms and messages that can be displayed on the screen and sent to a mobile phone providing the panel is connected to the internet.

The combination of the alarms, messages and remote connectivity will reduce the labour requirement to running and monitoring the grain drier.

All the programing of the panel is completed by the Perry in-house engineering team so support is readily available whenever you should need it.

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The level of cost savings you should expect?

*In reality the level of savings will be down to your specific set up and will vary based on numerous factors including ambient conditions, crop type & moisture, current fuel costs and so on.

Contact us today and we can run your details through our Drier Cost Savings calculator and see what is theoretically possible for your drier.